Ivy & Twigs was created by Karen Miller, owner, in 1993 as a weekend shop located in a log cabin next to the Miller home in the Weingarten, MO area. The original name of Sweet Annie’s Cabin is still fondly remembered by many people who continue to follow Karen’s endeavors and who remain devoted friends and customers.


In 1996, Sweet Annie’s Cabin grew to become Ivy & Twigs with a full time shop opening in historic Ste. Genevieve, MO. A second location in Farmington was added in 2009. Both shops featured Karen’s permanent botanical or floral designs plus beautiful embellishments for the home.


Karen attributes her love for flowers and gardening to her dear mother, Marie, and grandmother, Katie. The business has always been a family affair and the log cabin was built by Karen’s father, Ossie Flieg, and her husband, Bill. The log cabin is nestled in a grove of majestic pine trees and is a perfect tranquil setting to create the “natural” floral designs that have become Karen’s signature. Daughter Annamarie has followed in her mother’s footsteps by working in the field of social work, and she too has a passion for design. Karen’s son, Evan, was small when the business began and would often greet customers with a pet chicken under each arm. (There is still a flock of chickens that roam the Miller homestead, and are often the inspiration for a French Country arrangement.)


In 2011, both shops were closed and Karen came full circle by returning to the log cabin which now serves as her design studio. Her creations are displayed and sold in the Inspire gift shop at the beautiful Weingarten Vineyard. Karen’s designs, which are usually embellished with garden inspired European ribbon, continue to be sought-after by many people who like to surround themselves with touches of everlasting beauty and nature.

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